We understand the difficulties healthcare organizations nationwide are experiencing during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to help clients during this challenging time, we’ve partnered with Drift to develop a free assessment chatbot for COVID-19. This tool allows your organization to give specific, clear recommendations for populations at risk in the communities you serve.

The assessment is interactive like a chatbot messenger and walks a visitor through a series of questions.  At the end of the assessment, a hospital can display a custom message as to the action the user should take — e.g. call a hotline vs. your regular Primary Care Doctor.

Chatbot Designed for screening and care navigation, the COVID-19 Assessment is a decision tree that outlines key components of a person’s individual risk of contracting COVID-19, including:

  • exposure
  • Symptoms
  • Risk factor

Chatbot Using the Drift Sytem

In order to protect your organization and members of the community, the assessment tool does not take free-form input and avoids personal health information (PHI). Instead, it navigates users through a step-by-step triage process to direct people to the most up-to-date place for more information.

This chatbot is effectively “open-source.” Your team can download it without cost and self-configure any specific updates. In addition, Drift has cut its minimum contract for hosting a chatbot with this service to a nominal fee.

Our Digital Healthcare Solutions strategists developed this to be a low-cost, easy-to-implement solution. This tool gives healthcare organizations the ability to control and update the workflow as needed, which allows you to react to the fluid situation we’re seeing regarding COVID-19.

Contact Drift and initiate a chat with COVID in the title or reach out to our team at to learn how you can implement this assessment tool on your organization’s website.


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